Purchase FAQ


  • All licenses are perpetual — there's no expiration date.
  • Each license includes one year of software maintenance.
  1. You may use one copy of the software on one client computer.
  2. You may also use a second copy of the software on a portable computer, provided only one copy of the software is in use at a time.
If you plan to use both copies of the software at the same time, or install the software on two desktop computers, you need to purchase an additional license.

Special Pricing

Yes, we offer a 30% discount to educational, non-profit, and charity entities. These special discounts cannot be combined with any other type of discount.

To qualify for the discount, please send us a document clearly indicating that you are a member of the respective institution. An official email from your official account which contains your signature is sufficient in most cases.

For more information on how to qualify for a discount, please contact us.
Duality Software offers the following volume discounts:

5 to 9 licenses - 10%
10 to 19 licenses - 15%
20 or more licenses - please contact us.

Volume discounts are applicable to volume purchases of identical products in any single purchase.


On the order form, click the 'License to another person' check box, and then fill out the end-user details (email and name).


We accept credit cards, PayPal, QIWI, WeChat, and wire transfers.
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, Discover, JCB, Solo, and Maestro. The advantage of using a credit card to make your payment is that your order will be processed immediately and you will be able to download the software without delay. If your credit card is not mentioned in the list above, you can pay via PayPal or via bank transfer.

Product Delivery

The software is delivered electronically only. There is no physical shipment.

If you need any assistance with downloading the software, please do not hesitate to contact us.
The software is delivered electronically immediately. If you have placed the order online, you will receive the order confirmation email with download instructions and your activation code within a few minutes.
We send registration emails automatically, so your email had been sent the moment we received your order. Please check your spam folder, most likely you will find your registration email there.

If there is nothing, make sure that there was no typing error in your email address. Let us know about the issue and we will fix it.

Software Maintenance

  • Access to up-to-date product updates (major, minor, and maintenance releases.)
  • Access to priority product and license support.
It is typically one year from the date when your order was placed.
You can find the expiration date in the About dialog box.
On the File tab, point to Help, and then click About.
Since Duality Software licenses are perpetual, you may continue using the last available version for as long as you like, without your software maintenance renewal. However, you will lose your access to product updates and priority support.

If you wish to preserve your access to product updates (new features and fixes) and priority support, you need to renew your software maintenance.
Time of Purchase Cost
Standard Renewal
Early renewal or on-time auto-renewal
30% of the product's list price
Late Renewal
Up to 180 days after Software Maintenance expiration date
60% of the product's list price
Welcome Back Renewal
Renew for less
85% of the product's list price
Choosing auto-renewal ensures continued access to the latest versions of your products and priority support without interruption.
When you are enrolled in auto-renew, your credit card will be charged on your renewal date for the products and quantity included in the original transaction.
You will be charged at the current rates at the time of the transaction.
Auto-renewal allows you to renew your license at a 70% discount.
Auto-renewal can be cancelled at any time, through your PayPro Global Customer control panel.
Once your subscription has been cancelled you will receive a written confirmation at the email address you have used to make the purchase.
You will no longer receive any charge associated with this subscription.
You may continue to use the product after your maintenance expires; but access to product updates and priority support will not be available. If you opt not to renew, please make a backup of your activation code and installation file.
As long as your Software Maintenance is not expired, you can download the most recent software release at any time from our web site.