What's New

Version 3.5.2 January 11, 2022

Fixed minor bugs

Version 3.5.1 September 24, 2021

Improved synchronization with Google
Fixed minor bugs

Version July 14, 2021

Restored default font settings for item notes

Version July 12, 2021

Improved synchronization with Google Contacts
Fixed minor bugs

Version 3.5 July 6, 2021

Updated synchronization with Google Contacts
Improved synchronization with Google Calendar
Fixed minor bugs

Version 3.0.3 April 26, 2021

Fixed a bug with exporting calendar events to an .ics file
Fixed minor bugs

Version 3.0.2 March 3, 2021

Fixed minor bugs

Version 3.0.1 February 11, 2021

Ability to view details of items displayed in Agenda and TaskPad in Preview pane
Fixed minor bugs

Version 3.0 January 21, 2021

Full color theme support for all windows, except dialog boxes
Ability to use custom color themes (Options | General)
Ability to apply custom color theme to the main window only (Options | General)
Ability to display Preview pane at the right or at the bottom (Advanced Search)
Created and modified time stamps (Preview pane)
Play Sound option (File tab)
Play Sound option (Options | General)
Improved Preview pane for reminders (Reminders)
Improved extended mode for Navigation pane
Support for Windows 10 Version 20H2
Fixed minor bugs